Satellites are objects that move in orbit around the Earth outside the Earth’s atmosphere and serve to receive information and deliver it again. Satellite +82 is a community that claims to play a role in listening to various voices and retransmitting them again.


Muumuu was born and raised in Seoul. She lived in Seoul for a long time, but the city of Seoul has always been unfamiliar since realized she was a queer. “muumuu” is the first activity name after she coming out. Close people call me 'Mu!'. After majoring in creative writing and literary at university, she is currently studying visual design. She holds various meetings and workshops, and she will continue our work with interest in what happens inside and outside the ‘technology-queer-text’.


Star is interested in everything. Born and lived in Jeju island and thinking about ‘What a minority is’ while living in Jeju island. He feels a cultural minority when unable to see various exhibitions and movies, and an information minority with information gaps compared to other regions. After entering college, He studied and worked based in Seoul and met many people. He would like to act as a speaker that expands the small voices that many people have not heard.

And I want to hear your story.